AKG specialise in offering tailored Project Management covering a wide scope of areas of expertise.


We work closely with our Clients to clearly define the project, understanding their needs and key objectives. We will effectively start planning the project around the initial key tasks
agreed working within a well communicated project plan

AKG will involve the correct management team to secure the correct level of engagement with our Clients required to deliver the project and ensuring delivery within the agreed timescales.

AKG have previous experience of working on a wide range of projects and one key area is helping our Clients through Change Management, we understand the complexities of this area and difficulties this area may
may create, at AKG we work close with our Client and their teams to support this process.


AKG undertake Research Projects on behalf of our Clients covering a wide range of business areas.

We understand that research is critical to keeping Clients fully informed and empowered around key business decisions

AKG work confidentially with our Clients and will provide findings, insights and different methods to to help solve problems, focusing on the relevant business areas requested

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