AKG specialise in providing solutions around UK Transportation supporting the International Logistics Trade.

We work closely with our clients to review their requirements covering areas such as transport sourcing, fleet management and routing, service solutions and transport cost reviews to help our clients source competitive service providers.

AKG represent our clients to look at cost effective solutions, identification of new services and establish key recommendations

AKG has experience of working with Road Management Systems and will undertake a full review of UK and/or European Distribution

We have experience with working directly with Transport Hauliers operating a wide range of fleet equipment from Hybrids to Moffats.

For Europe we have direct links into European Networks to review Distribution Hubs and solutions around European Collection & Deliveries to review.

We can help review your inbound and outbound logistics to/from Europe and help our clients find strong services with competitive pricing.

In addition we can provide an overview of alternative serivces and options around transit times versus cost.

AKG understand that the European Market Distrbiution Services consists of a multitude of different transport hauliers and service providers, AKG can help you understand the key benefits of each of these service providers to make the task much easier

We also provide a service to undertake a Tender Process caputuring all your key routes and can manage the collation of service provider identification & best pricing options to allow our clients to make an informed decision, whilst achieving a cost saving.

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